Call Of Duty Modern Warfare III Bot Lobby

Get Camo Unlocks, Complete all daily/weekly challenges, max out our prestige and weapon level fast with our service – Call Of Duty Modern Warfare III Bot Lobby.

Bot Lobbies or Modded Lobbies are a best way to rank in Cod MW III. If you want to receive an interstellar camo, it will take you years of grinding, but with bot lobbies, you can unlock an interstellar camo in 1 or 2 days.

We have answered all the questions you may have down below in the FAQ section, you can click on each question, and get answer on your question.

What's a Bot Lobby?

It’s a game setup where you play against non-active players, letting you get 150-200+ kills in 10 minutes. It’s a public lobby, so all the kills will count towards your K/D Ratio, Camo challenges, Daily, Weekly Challenges.

In simple words, you will play on small map using domination regime, where you would have to kill walking “bots”, it’s very easy to do, and that’s a best way to rank in Call Of Duty MW III.

How long does one run of bot lobby takes?

One run of bot lobby is 10 minutes.

Are These Lobbies Safe?

Yep, totally. We run them in regular public matches, so everything you earn like XP, camo progress, and ranks stays with you. It’s all legit and safe.

Call Of Duty always had bot lobbies in previous versions, and no one got banned, unless you use cheats, or some third party software, which we don’t use, and don’t recommend you to.

How do I join a bot lobby?

After you buy, we’ll hit you up on Email or Discord, get you into a chat, and then into the game.
You can split your lobby buys over different days if you want.

We will need your activision id, our COD Boosting team will contact on email, telegram or discord to start the process.

You’ll receive a friend request, then after you accept it, you’ll be invited to the lobby.

What can I expect to get?

In just one lobby, expect loads of kills and the chance to unlock camos, level up weapons, and boost your rank and K/D ratio quickly.

Before the lobby starts, go to weapon section, and take a screenshot what do you need to do to unlock certain camo, and during the lobby, try to complete these challenges.

Can I have a special request for a lobby?

Certainly, we have special longshot lobbies, special lobby to unlock camos, contact un on the livechat, and we will help.

What platforms bot lobby service will work on?

Our Bot Lobbies work on all platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, PS5, and PC.

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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare III Bot Lobby

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1 day ago
Amazing service👏👏 Nick communicated the whole time and kept me updated the whole way. I will for sure buy again from you guys in the future👍
1 day ago
Great service got more than I asked for Thank you GTABoosting Would recommend everyone use this great service
Kevin Stanula
2 days ago
They were awesome helped me through every step and have no problems getting what I asked for had to wait a little bit but that was on my end because I did the setup wrong but once I got it they knocked it out fast for me. I will use them again
2 days ago
10/10 services, I got 40 million and it got delivered in less than 12hrs. Would recommend buying services from this site