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How to Spawn a Helicopter in GTA V

  • 28.03.2023
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Grand Theft Auto V offers an expansive open-world environment filled with countless vehicles, including helicopters. These versatile aircraft provide players with a unique perspective of Los Santos and an efficient mode of transportation to easily navigate the city. This article will guide you through various methods to spawn a helicopter in GTA V, enabling you to take to the skies and experience the game from a whole new angle.

Visit Helipads or Helicopter Spawns

One of the most straightforward ways to obtain a helicopter in GTA V is by visiting helipads or helicopter spawn locations scattered across the map. Some popular locations include:

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Vespucci Helipad: Located in the La Puerta district, south of Los Santos.
Los Santos International Airport: Several helicopters can be found on the helipads and around the hangars.
Sandy Shores Airfield: Located in Blaine County, north of Los Santos.
NOOSE Headquarters: Found in the Palomino Highlands area, east of Los Santos.
Vinewood Police Station: A helicopter often spawns on the rooftop helipad.
Fort Zancudo: A military base that houses multiple helicopters, including the powerful attack helicopter, the Savage. Beware of the high-security measures in place.
Remember that some locations may have restricted access, and trespassing may result in a wanted level.

Use Cheat Codes (Single Player Only)

In GTA V’s single-player mode, you can use cheat codes to spawn a helicopter instantly. Open the character’s phone, and dial the following number for the desired helicopter:

Buzzard Attack Helicopter: 1-999-289-9633 (BUZZ-OFF)
Please note that using cheat codes disables achievements and trophies for your session.

Purchase a Helicopter

In GTA Online, you can purchase a helicopter through various in-game websites. To buy a helicopter, follow these steps:

Access the in-game internet using your character’s smartphone.
Navigate to the “Travel and Transport” tab.
Select the “Elitás Travel” or “Warstock Cache & Carry” website.
Browse the selection of helicopters and choose the one that suits your needs and budget.
Complete the transaction, and the helicopter will be delivered to your hangar or Pegasus Lifestyle Management.
Use Pegasus Lifestyle Management (GTA Online)
If you own a helicopter in GTA Online, you can have it delivered via Pegasus Lifestyle Management. To request your helicopter, follow these steps:

Open your character’s phone and navigate the “Contacts” menu.
Select “Pegasus Lifestyle Management” and call them.
Choose the desired helicopter from the list.
Pegasus will provide you with the location of the nearest available helipad where your helicopter will be delivered.
Steal a Helicopter from the Hospital
Another method to acquire a helicopter in GTA V is stealing one from the Central Los Santos Medical Center. The hospital has a helipad on its rooftop, where a helicopter occasionally spawns. Climb the ladders or use the stairs to reach the helipad and take the helicopter. Be cautious, as stealing a helicopter may result in a wanted level.


Acquiring a helicopter in GTA V is an exciting and practical way to explore the vast world of Los Santos from above. Whether you visit helipads, use cheat codes, purchase a helicopter, request one through Pegasus Lifestyle Management, or steal one from the hospital, you’ll enjoy the unique perspective and advantages of helicopters. Soar through the skies and experience Los Santos like never before!

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