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Super Jump GTA 5 Cheat Code

  • 06.04.2023
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super jump gta 5 cheatcode

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is known for its exciting open-world gameplay, allowing players to explore the vast city of Los Santos while engaging in various missions, heists, and other adventures. Among the many features that make GTA 5 a fan favorite are the cheat codes that enhance the gaming experience. One such cheat is the Super Jump, allowing players to reach heights that would otherwise be impossible. This article will delve into the Super Jump cheat, its benefits, and how to activate it on different platforms.

The Super Jump Cheat Explained

The Super Jump cheat in GTA 5 enables players to leap incredible heights, easily covering vast distances. This cheat is perfect for escaping police chases, reaching otherwise inaccessible rooftops, or just having fun uniquely exploring the city. With the Super Jump cheat, players can jump over buildings, cars, and even helicopters, making it an exciting addition to the game.

Activating the Super Jump Cheat

Activating the Super Jump cheat in GTA 5 is simple and can be done on gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Below are the instructions to enable the cheat on each platform:

Xbox 360/Xbox One: Left, Left, Y, Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, RB, RT
PS3/PS4/PS5: Left, Left, Triangle, Triangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, R1, R2
Cell Phone:

Please note that using cheat codes in GTA 5 disables achievements and trophies for the duration of the session. You’ll need to restart the game without using cheats to regain access to achievements and trophies.

Benefits of the Super Jump Cheat

There are several advantages to using the Super Jump cheat in GTA 5:

  1. Accessing hidden locations: The Super Jump cheat allows players to reach hidden or hard-to-access areas, such as rooftops, high ledges, or secret spots containing collectibles.
  2. Evading enemies: Super Jump can be a lifesaver during police chase or gang shootouts, as players can quickly escape to a higher vantage point or jump across buildings.
  3. Exploring the city: The Super Jump cheat offers a unique way to explore Los Santos, enabling players to cover large distances quickly and discover new areas.
  4. Enhanced fun: The cheat adds an extra layer of entertainment, as players can experiment with the physics of the game and perform gravity-defying stunts.


The Super Jump cheat in GTA 5 is an exciting addition, allowing players to leap to extraordinary heights and explore Los Santos like never before. Whether you’re looking to evade the law or uncover hidden secrets, the Super Jump cheat is a fun and useful tool for any GTA 5 player. Remember to use the cheat responsibly and enjoy your newfound sky-high abilities!

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